2015 Scubapro Demo Week with Peter Hughes trip date announced!

2015 Scubapro Demo Week on the M/V Galapagos Sky has been officially announced to be held May 24th-May 31st, 2015!!!  Peter A. Hughes of DivEncounters and Scubapro Deep Elite Ambassador will be joined by Scubapro representative, Robert Quintana, in hosting a week of gear try-outs and diving with the best gear in the industry at the best dive location in the world!  This trip will again be joined by Ms. Julie Andersen of Shark Angels and Scubapro as she works to create the next Scubapro catalog!  Taking images with be underwater photographer, Neil Andrea, also owner of Neptunic Sharksuits.  Guests will have the unique opportunity to be photographed with possibilities of being in catalogs and magazine ads!  As always during the demo week, every guest is given a free gift of a piece of high quality Scubapro gear to take home.  Each year’s gift is a highly anticipated surprise that will not disappoint!  Spots have already been booked by last year’s Demo Week guests!!  For pricing and availability of this and other trips, please go to www.galapagossky.com, call us at (877) 323-3483 or e-mail us at info@galapagossky.com.