Dan Morton – Anchorage, AK, USA – March 13-20, 2016

WOW!! I’ll even say it backwards – WOW!!! I knew that my first live aboard experience was going to be amazing, but I never anticipated HOW amazing. The diving was obviously stellar. There were schools of hammerheads that quickened the pulse, delightfully lazy turtles galore, morays and mantas to your heart’s content, playful sea lions showing off their swimming agility, millions of fish that were almost dizzying and all of it set against the backdrop of a magical place that only a small percentage of the world’s population will ever experience. But when I signed up for the trip, I knew that great scuba diving was sort of a given. The thing that made the trip even more memorable was the staff aboard the Galapagos Sky and the ship itself.  Not only were the staff attentive to every detail, everything that your heart desired, but tMorton Darwins Archhey also quickly keyed in on the small nuisances of each individual. The food was stunningly gourmet, the rooms were well appointed and extremely comfortable and even something as simple as air conditioning (a thing I never expected) was wonderfully comfortable. Finally, the top sun deck of the ship with it chaise lounge chairs and hammocks that seemed to have their own gravitational pull was a favorite resting place after diving to absorb the spectacular scenery and watch the frigate birds as they coasted effortlessly along with the boat. This trip was truly magical and I would recommend it to anybody in a heartbeat!!