Galapagos Sky…Setting the standard with “Exceptional Underwater Adventures”!

We are excited to share two recently received reviews from our valued guests!

Lisa Mackie Sept 26 2010 Cruise: I wanted to let you know that we had an absolutely fantastic time. The Galapagos Sky was great, the people and the organization of the trip was pretty flawless. The dive masters were so incredibly educated and knowledgeable we were blown away, not only did they know everything about the sea, on land their knowledge was outstanding. The diving was everything we hoped for, there was not one thing that anyone wanted to see that we didn’t, sea lions, dolphins, penguins, sharks Galapagos, white tips, black tips and Hammerheads in quantities that were ridiculous. If someone told me on dives I would look up and down and see no less and 50 to 100 Hammerheads at one time I would have thought they were dreaming. And yes our group had two swims with a Whale shark. Not to be left out there was also an incredible amount of super sized reef fish that were largely ignored for the bigger stuff.


 Roberto Daniel,  October 2010 Italy: “My wife and me, would like to thank all the people working on Galapgos Sky for the exceptional week we had early in October on board! We have dived a lot, and in many places. Actually we were convinced that diving in Wolf and Darwin would have been something new  something  different, something deserving to be remembered. But it was unforeseenable to expect at the end of each day, after 4 daily dives, to realize that each one was better than the one before!   We saw hundreds of hammerheaded sharks, dozens of eagle rays, turtles, jackfishes and much much more, and immediatley understood that we were having the best  dives of our life definitely exceeding all our best expectations!  But diving is not enough, and living on board Galapagos Sky as well as visiting the islands was the best way to experience such dives. Being helped, assisted, served  in every single need by a real professional crew, always smiling and making you really feel like in a second home has left a special flavour to the memories of the days spent on board.  Thanks to everybody in Divencounters for the passion and energy you put in every single detail making days spent with you unforgettables!”  Also I would like to extend a special Big Thank to Alexis Viana.
I had the honour to meet and spend high quality time with a real pasionate naturalist, not only very well prepared, but able to explain with simple words understanbables for everyone linking us without any single boring moment, as well as dive with a “natural guide”.  Maybe you could feel I am exagerating, but believe me when I say, I am simply trying to not exagerate! When we will visit again Galapagos, it will be with you! 

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