Galapagos Diving

A small school of hammers greets Peter

Large Hammerhead Sharks are your near-constant companions at Wolf & Darwin

The islands of Charles Darwin fame offer some of the most dramatic diving in the world.  Many divers say the best.

It is unquestionably the hammerhead shark capital of the world – but also home to the sleek Galapagos shark, horn sharks, white tips, silkies, and the occasional pelagic visitors like the tiger shark.  That’s the beginning.

Add whale sharks, giant manta rays, and graceful rays of every description (mobula, golden, spotted eagle, and marble), and you wonder if a week is enough time to see it all.

Throw in some giant schools of fish gracefully providing circular tunnels of ingress and egress in blue water – plus incredible macro marine life,  and now you realize just how exciting Galapagos diving can be.

Galapagos diving is neatly divided into two seasons:  Whale Shark Season (June thru November) and the slightly warmer Manta Season (December thru May).

Why Is the Diving So Good?

Mobula Rays

A graceful school of Mobula Rays glides by…

The Galapagos islands are among the most geographically remote on earth – on the equator, 605 miles from mainland Ecuador. They are pristine and largely untouched by man.

15 main islands and countless smaller ones dot the archipelago – providing plentiful shallow water habitats. Deep, oceanic water lies just offshore, and The Galapagos Islands are washed by 3 major oceanic currents (Humboldt, Cromwell, and Panama), a constant source of nutrients for the resident marine life.

Galapagos delivers amazing biodiversity from big animals to small invertebrates. Exciting, heart pounding dive encounters with giant whale sharks immediately followed by a graceful, swooping procession of 200 schooling mobula rays.

You simply never know exactly what will happen on any Galapagos dive – but experience tells us something unique and unusual will – something you’ve never seen before – and this is a big part of the magic of Galapagos diving.  For more information about Galapagos diving, please visit our pages on Whale Shark Season, Manta Season, Macro Life, and our cruise Itinerary.

The M/V Galapagos Sky – Luxury Live-Aboard

M/V Galapagos Sky - Live-aboard Dive Vessle

M/V Galapgos Sky, with Darwin’s Arch in the background…

The M/V Galapagos Sky is your live-aboard host for diving and cruising the Galapagos Islands:

  1. We visit the islands of Wolf and Darwin for 3  days on every Galapagos liveaboard cruise – many say it’s the absolute best diving in the world
  2. The M/V Galapagos Sky is a luxury live-aboard in continuous operation in the Galapagos since 2001 with an itinerary that includes 17 – 19 dives per trip.
  3. Our crew and staff are experts on picking the right dive sites at the right times, one of the keys to successful Galapagos diving.
  4. Topside, you’ll enjoy luxury accommodations, a friendly staff, excellent food and beverage service, and warm showers w/ hot towels on the dive deck while the staff serves you warm drinks and tasty little appetizers – after every dive.
  5. Each Galapagos live-aboard cruise also 3 exciting land tours to experience the Galapagos as Darwin did – but these don’t cut into our diving schedule!  See what our guests say!

Please note that diving (more info) in the Galapagos is advanced due to strong currents, varying visibility, and cold water. Temperatures range from low 60’s to upper 70’s in different areas of the itinerary and seasons. Divers must be comfortable in these conditions, as well as have very good buoyancy and be able to do negative (sometimes rapid) back-roll entries/descents from small boats. Recommended requirements include 50-100 open water dives, experience in currents, ability to remove gear in water and ability to get into small boats (inflatable tenders) in choppy seas.

If you’d like to explore the fascinating Galapagos Archipelago above and below, and visit the fabled islands of Wolf and Darwin, please contact the M/V Galapagos Sky today!  DivEncounters, Inc., our international booking office, is located in Miami, FL, USA with satellite operations in Guayaquil & Puerto Ayora (Galapagos), Ecuador.