Guest Experiences

Here's what our guests have to say about Galapagos diving and M/V Galapagos Sky. Thanks to all of our valued Guests and Travel Partners for their support and promotion of the M/V Galapagos Sky!

Neil Gray, USA – February 07-14, 2016

I Can’t say enough wonderful things about our trip on Galapagos Sky! The diving itself was amazing, the guides did a great job of keeping us safe while showing us the wonderful underwater World of the Galapagos, and were great company above the water too! We were so well taken care by everyone. The food was abundant and honestly delicious. After each dive we were wrapped in warm towels. There are always 20160214_084241someone on hand to help us in any way required and the amazing crew including the Captain really worked as a unified team to provide every imaginable confort. Our cabins were clean and exceptionally well maintened. It was the trip of a lifetime and speaking on behalf of all of the guest, I would Like to sincerely thanks every single member of the Galapgos Sky crew for a very memorable vacation GRACIAS!

Neil Gray and all guest

Alex Yue Ho Chiu, USA – January 3-10, 2016

A truly incredible trip.  The diving is undoubtedly world class, with amazing shark and ray action.  The IMG-20160110-WA0001Galapagos Sky made the diving even more enjoyable.  Fantastic facilities, very knowledgeable and friendly guides and superb service from the whole crew.  An amazing experience and would highly recommend the trip!

Alex Yue Ho Chiu, USA

Joaquim & Juliana, Brazil – January 3-10, 2016

What an amazing week!!  We can’t believe this is supposed to be the low season.  Nice warm and clear IMG-20160110-WA0002water, schools of hammerheads, many different sharks, Mola Mola, Manta rays, marine iguanas, sea lions…it was just wonderful.  We can’t wait to be back.  What to say about the people?  Best crew and buddies ever!

Joaquim & Juliana  – Brazil

Walter Price and family, USA – December 20-27, 2015

A great experience for our family of two adults and two teenagers.  The diving was advanced, but we grew 20151226_115402 copyacustomed to it after a few days, and a highlight was the “theater” at Darwin where we watched the show as the current brought thousands of fish by you! The crew was helpful and the dive masters excellent in the knowledge and patience.  I would recommend this trip to anyone who wants great memories and rare pictures!  Walter Price and family, USA

Gary Medveder, Ucrania – December 6-13, 2015

With love from Ucrania 20151213_075742

What is the best words that can describe a good and positive feeling for our trip on Galapgos Sky, we did not Want to leave the boat. Really its something that make all the difference this small but very important feeling.  It was fantastic!

Gary Medveder and our team

William Vezina, Canada – November 29 – December 6, 2015

I spend a week with my non diver wife abord the Galapagos Sky. I had a hip replacement 5 months earlier 20151206_075551and was not phisically fit. The staff were very accomodating. I dived many dives that were breathtaking. This was possible because the enormous support provided by staff. Not only were they helpful but always friendly and voluntered to assist. Remarkable experiencied food was delicious.

Williams Vezina  – CANADA

Rock Otway, Canada – November 29 – December 6, 2015

Our Week on the Galápagos Sky was nothing Short of outstanding, from the moment we arrived to the 20151206_074738moment we left, the staff was attentive, courteus and Helpful. The Service was absolutely awesome, they helped make diving the beautiful waters of the Galapagos Islands trully a memorable experiencie. I highly recommend it!!.

Rick Otway  – Canada

Mabel, USA – November 22-29, 2015

I’ve just completed week on Galapagos Sky of Divencounters – Loved it! The staff/crew were always 20151129_075956professional;  looking out for our safety and comfort. Briefings before dives were thorough; Any dive concerns addressed immediately. After a dive – being greeted with a warm towel after a dive deck hot shower was fantastic! But it was especially marvelous when Marcos would be there instantly offering us delicious hot chocolate and some tasty treat from our chef Mauro! Panga crews were so helpful and good humored! In fact! Good humor was a part of the professionalism we all seemed to be more relaxedas a result of this truly I enjoyed this dive liveaboard! P.S. Loved being able to helm the Ship!!.

Mabel – USA

Gabriel and Debora Barros, Brazil – November 22-29, 2015

20151129_070801This was a wonderful week, not only due to the dives that are just outstanding. The boat, service, professionalism and kindness of the crew were perfect, not to mention the great food! I would tottally recommend this liveaboard to any diver!.

Gabriel Barros and Debora Barros, Harbor Pilots, Río grande – Brasil

Chris & Katie, USA – July 26-Aug 02, 2015

We came here for our 10th year aniversary and we had a great trip. The dive guides and the crew were fantastic!
20150801_121113_resizedChris and Katie

Maria Figueiredo, Brazil – July 26-Aug 02, 2015

Yo estuve en Galapagos algunas veces pero esta vez me encanto la tripulacion del galapagos Sky quien nos ayudaron a nosotros 20150801_134942_resizeden todo. Nos sentimos muy bien en el Barco con los buceos y dusfrutamos de todo. Disfrutamos mucho de toda la naturaleza especialemente los bellisimos animales con la ayuda de la tripulacion fue estupendo. Todos trabajan con alegria y note que se comportan con mucho profecionalismo pero con mucho mas dedicacion y respeto.
Nos impresiono  a nosotros el gran trabajo en equipo que pone el capitan. Muchas gracias por este viaje maravilloso.
Maria Figueiredo


Marjan Klingeman, Netherlands – TWO time guest – July 19-26, 2015

Going to the Galapagos is addictive this is my Second time will 20150725_142247_resizednot be the last time! Great crew and the world’s most amazing place for diving great trip on board Galapagos Sky.

Brian Brown, USA – July 19-26, 2015

The Galapagos Sky and crew are first class dive operation that cares  to all ones needs! It’s a floating five star hotel with a diving platform!
I can’t wait to return again soon!20150725_142405_resized
Brian Brown
Tampa Florida US

Janice Cote, USA – July 5 – 12, 2015

What a wonderful place to dive. Having been all over the world 20150712_080327_resizeddiving, there are still unique things to see here. Bat fish, sea horses, eagle rays and most notably whale sharks. I never imagined such a close encounter with such a giant. The Galapagos Sky team were wonderful. They worked together to make our trip an incredible one. Excellent dive masters guided us to the best sites and kept us safe. Galapagos is a “must see” location, and the Galapagos Sky is the best way to go.
Janice Cote

Mary & Joe, USA – July 5 – 12, 2015

Thanks for the amazing weak of exploring the Galapagos diving. The crew greeted us with smiles and provided excellent service throughout20150712_080347_resized the trip. Diving everything from strong currents at Darwin at Wolf, we saw whalesharks, hammerheads and morays; the shallow dive we swam with the marine iguanas, having a lot oportunity to take photos + videos. By far this is the best experience we had on a live aboard  and will be hard to top. Thanks to the great crew for this memorable trip!
Mary and Joe

Roz & Mark, USA – June 28 – July 5, 2015

A once in a lifetime experience with an amazing crew.roz

Jill Miller, USA – June 28 – July 5, 2015

From this service of the crew to the amazing underwater encounters, the Galapagos Sky Truly provided A “Trip of a life time” Experience. The Question isn’t if well come back, but when.jillmiller
The boat food, staff and diving all exceded expectation and left us ready to book our return trip. Thank you to all the crew that worked tirelessly to make or vacation incredible.

Elisa Areano, Guatemala – FOUR Time Guest! – May 31- June 7, 2015

elisaThe trip was amazing! everything in the trip was beyond my expectations. The food was fantastic varied and healthy, the crew was very helpful and friendly and the diving was outstanding. In definitely  coming back for another trip in the Galapagos Sky.

Ann-Marie McNeil, Belize – May 31-June 7, 2015

As a dive professional for over 20 years I found the crew extremely professional.  The food was amazing! The diving is some of the best in the world…must be part of every serious divers bucket list. AnMarien Marie

Dunc and Jess – March 1-8, 2015

Our experience on the Galapagos Sky has been the best week of our life.  The marine life, whale shark, hammer heads, galapagos shark, rays , turtles, marine iguanas and so much more than we had ever hoped to see.  The comforDuncJessMarch01t on board and the service from all the crew was amazing.  The food was world class, the dive guides were incredibly knowledgable and the best we ever had.  This has been on adventure of a lifetime, and one wich we will never forget.

We cant wait to come back again. Thank you all!

Grant and Victoria – February 22 – March 1, 2015

Wonderful boat and spectacular crew! The amount of wild life we saw could be used in a documentary of the GrantVictoriaFeb22Galapagos! Thank you Galapagos Sky and crew.

The food and service on board are amazing! Especially the marine iguanas eating under water are a impresive experience that we will never forget!

Vinicio y Alberto – Italy – December 21-28, 2014

20141228_074806_resizedIt was a beautiful travel, upon all points of view.  Magic dives, specially in wolf and Darwin. The crew was real gentlemen. The guides and the Capitano very professional.  The weather fine.  Thanks for all!

Katherina Trappl – December 14-21, 2014

The Galapagos Sky can makes your diving dreams come True. You want to see whale sharks even off season, the crew will find them at DaKatherina Trapplrwin’s Arch. The ship is very well organized and as a guest you are spoiled by the team; not to forget the delicious meals served three times a day.  So if you want to spend the perfect diving holiday I can recommend the Galapagos Sky and her fantastic team!

Paul Rayfield – December 7-14, 2014

Hi Al – well we’ve just got back and had what can only be described as a fantastic time. We go diving almost every year and have dived around the world at a range of hotels and liveaboards. This is by far and away the best. Everything exceeded our expectations from the diving, to the guides, to the boat and the service. They genuinely didn’t put a foot wrong. I know you must hear this all the the time but I wouldn’t fail to recommend it to anyone. Please can you make sure the right people know what a great job everyone is doing.

Andrey Bizyukin, the team leader and diving journalist – November 23-30, 2014

Many many thanks for this unforgettable trip !!! You organisation was completely perfect!!   Every one person from my group are completely HAPPY to be there -They paid very high tips for the crew   – This is my great pleasure to work and communicate with such high level professional as you and Ecoventura and Galapagos Sky  – I will be happy to bring you next group as soon as I will find this opportunity. Please keep me in yours information new list and I will be only happy to have the future business together.- As journalist I did so many beautiful and unique photos and are going to publish as least a couple of articles about Galapagos. Many thanks for this opportunity.    – Happy Christmas coming soon. My best wishes to you, family and yours company. Happy new coming year  -With kind regards, Andrey Bizyukin, the team leader and diving journalist

Greg and Debera Dwyer – October 5-12, 2014

We (my wife and I) have recently returned to Canada from our trip on the Sky. We have been diving liveaboards for many years, in fact our first was on the Sea Dancer in Saba 25+years ago. I learned to dive in 1961 using a Voit double hose regulator and have well over 3,000 dives.

Our trip aboard the Sky was the best yet. I can’t say enough about her excellent crew, the fantastic meals, the comfort of the boat and the excellent diving. We covered all of our bucket list items, whale sharks, hammer heads, penguins, marine iguanas, sea lions, mola’s, and of course the red lipped bat fish. Please extend our unqualified gratitude to your wonderful crew.

Stan Caswell – September 7-14, 2014

It was the dive trip of a lifetime featuring challenging but rewarding experiences. The long voyage to Darwin and Wolf was worth it as we encountered hundreds of hammerhead sharks swimming in groups, and several huge whale sharks. Plentiful mola mola fish and playful sea lions were the icing on the cake.

I cannot praise M/V Galapagos Sky enough. With really professional divemasters, superb cuisine and a really attentive and friendly crew catering for our every need. I thoroughly recommend this trip to those adventurous souls ready for something different and truly special.

Jeff Baron, Canada – June 8-15 2014

The Captain, crew and guides made my week on the sky an exceptional experience. They were knowledgeable, accommodating, friendly and professional with all guests. Mother nature played her part and was well accompanied by the staff and service.

Philip van der Deure, Netherlands – June 8-15 2014

One of the best dive trips I ever made. The crew was genuinely friendly and helpful. The guides did the best to show not only the best spots but also when something interesting showed up and they never lost sight of what happened with the divers. Definitely recommendable

Angus and Scott, Hong Kong and UK –  June 1-8 2014

“A great life experience! Every dive you gotta see hammerhead Sharks! Fantastic trip and fantastic crew! Must do!”

Mike Allen and Zena Monji, USA  – June 1-8, 2014

“The diving adventures were fabulous! The day excursions beautiful however it was the exceptional crew of the Galapagos Sky and the beautiful ship that added the finishing touches to a trip of a lifetime.  We will be back!”

Mary Spidle, Boston – USA April 20-27, 2014

Spidle, Boston April 2014“Thank you to the crew of the Galapagos Sky for a trip that I will remember for the rest of my life, the hospitality, comfortable accommodations and delicious food rivaled the world class Galapagos diving. Our guides, Santiago and Natasha were experts on dive sites, conditions and wildlife. The captain Andres and his crew went out of their way to make sure our time out of the water was just as enjoyable as our dives.”


Jacob, Boston, USA – April 20-27, 2014

IMG-20140426-00552“The boat staff of the Galapagos Sky was exceptionally attentive during our week long dive cruise of the Galapagos Islands. I loved having warm towels after every dive.”


Carla Owens, USA – March 30-April 6, 2014

GuestReviewCarlaOwen032014“An exceptional week in the Galapagos Islands! The crew divemasters and the all team was attentive and wonderful. The hammerheads and shark were abundant in wolf and had a special time with the sea lion and penguins. A well maintained boat and knowledgeable crew, I will be sure to visit again! Thanks for a great week and trip.”


“The Big Man” – March 30-April 6, 2014

GuestReviewJohnCarroll032014 I had a wonderful trip aboard the Galapagos Sky. Diving throughout the islands.  As with the other two DivEncounters boats I have been on, the crew was exceptionally attentive, the accommodations were well maintained, the food was great.  Edwin and Max were good dive guides leading us to see the big stuff  Great fun.  Thanks so much!
El Hombre Grande “The Big Man”


Ken at Galapagos Adventures

I just returned from another fabulous (dive) trip to Galapagos.  Underwater we saw lots of hammerheads, Galapagos sharks, silky sharks, white tip reef sharks, a horned shark, red-lipped bat fish, an octopus, mobula rays (very similar to mantas but smaller), a school of golden cow rays, eagle rays, sting rays, green turtles, black turtles, and lots of seal lions.   Other people saw seahorses but I missed those.  My best two sightings were both short and sweet – I had a sailfish swim by and I saw penguins feeding on a bait ball.

From the yacht, we saw mobulas jumping, large pods of dolphins and one day we had a humpback whale next to our yacht for quite a while.  We had a big school of silky sharks eating the kitchen scraps.  A few people saw a mola mola (sunfish) near the surface but unfortunately I was not one of them.”

Here is a link with some photos which were taken by Steve Rosenberg.

Gareth & Sarah Moore, England – August 21-28 2011

“Beyond our Expectations! Galapagos Diving-We came to see the “Big Stuff” & we weren’t disappointed. Excellent Experience & Superb Service!”

Sharon & Ran Avidan – August 21-28 2011

 “Amazing Trip! Exceptional Service. Great Food & one of the Best Diving in the world, with Hammerheads, Whale Sharks, Mantas, Sea Lions & much More! Thank you for one of the Best Diving Experiences Ever!”

Michael & Nikita Poltavsky – August 14-21, 2011

“It was a pleasure to experience Galapagos aboard the Galapagos Sky. The quality of service was superb and there was always a friendly atmosphere. We thank all the crew members who looked so thoroughly after us and made our trip so enjoyable. Dive guides were very knowledgeable and very friendly, and the diving was unforgetable! Whalesharks, mola mola, sea lions, and schooling galapagos and hammerhead sharks were teh highlight of our trip. We have also encountered Galapagos turtles, iguanas and penguins on land. Once again we thank all of the crew memebrs of Galapagos Sky and we hope to be back in the near future!”

Freancesc Gresa

“Ha sido un placer poder compartir con el resto de pasajeros y toda la tripulacion esta semana a bordo del Galapagos Sky.Las inmersiones fueron fantasticas, asi como la colaboracion de los instructores tanto encima como debajo del agua. En cuanto al trato y atenciones del resto de la tripulacion fueron geniales asi como el estado de las instalaciones. Por ultimo agradecer al capitan sus dulces en inigualables “Buenos dias”. Jamas olvidare esta semana y espero poder repetir bien pronto. Un abrazo, Adeu.”

English translation: It has been a pleasure to be able to be on board and share with the rest of passengers and all the crew this week on the Galapagos Sky.  The dives were fantastic, as well as the collaboration of the instructors as much above as underneath the water.  As far as the care and attentions of the rest of the crew they were brilliant as well as the state of the facilities.  Finally to thank the captain for his unique and kind “Good mornings” I will never forget this week and I hope to be able to repeat very soon.  A hug, Adeu.”

Patricia & Pierre Imfeld – August 7-14, 2011

 “We have had an extraordinary trip. The highlight being of course, Darwin Exceptional dives way above my expectations. Thanks to Edwin for his efficient guidance and to Glenda for her friendliness and willingness to share her enthusiasm. Of course many thanks go to the Captain & his friendly crew for their kind attentiveness and serviceability. To the chef who has spoilt us with his varied savory dishes. The Sky has a great team and the boat is extremely well run. Again renewed thanks to all for giving us a taste of paradise!”

Jeannine and Francois

 “This is by far the most amazing diving cruise I have ever experienced. Everything was perfect from the kindness of every single crew member, delicious food, hot water showers to care for the safety and awesome dives a pure gift I will cherish memory of  preciously and dream about again and again. THANK YOU SO MUCH!! Take care”


 “I have been diving now for many years and in the most beautiful countries and dive sites of this world. But what I have experienced on the Galapagos Sky is exceeding it all. Incredible dives with 5 or 6 whale sharks crossing our way, Hammerheads that you couldn’t see thru and a wonderful crew that did everything possible to give us laugh and happiness! Thank you”

Paul vander Eecken – July 24-31, 2011

“We had an excellent stay on board Galapagos Sky with a “great Santi”. It is also a real pleasure to sail with captain Victor Majorca (from Banos). Perfect chef with a variation in the food. Jairo, the bar keeper with a lot of humor and a professional service. The different pangéros (mine was mostly William) are all of them safe drivers and do take care of the divers like being their own kids.We had a classic Galapagos cruise with all type of sharks. The extras were a mother Humpback whale with calf, Diving with Pilot Whales and … Orcas for 60 minutes close to the panga.”

Kipp & Jay – July 17-24, 2011

 “We just finished a week of diving on the GALAPAGOS SKY and what an Experience! The friendliest crew, the best food, and the most comfortable liveaboard dive boat we have ever sailed on- which says a lot since we have spent weeks on liveaboards in the Red Sea, Great Barrier Reef, La Paz, Truk Lagoon, and at home in California. The diving was first rate, and we will never forget our first encounters with whalesharks, hammerheads, galapagos sharks, marine iguanas, penguins, flightless cormorants and of course the red-lipped batfish! Currently, we are scheming ways to come back every year. Muchas Gracias Galapagos Sky para una ventura nunca lo olvidaramos!”

Stefania Costanza

“I had a great week live aboard on the Galapagos Sky! The water is amazing and I had the opportunity to see whalesharks…Breathtaking! The boat is surprisingly nice and the captain and crew did a great job to make everything easy and pleasant. A special thanks to Santi and Glenda, our guides, for their precious advice and always smiling attention to us. Hope to be back soon.”

Tim & Nicole  – July 10-17, 2011

“We had a FANTASTIC trip, the crew were wonderful ad went out of their way to make sure everything was perfect! The food was tooo good and too much, we will have to work hard to lose it! As for the Diving, everything we hope for and more. Perfect. We would recommend the Galapagos Sky to everyone.”

Toru Higashiura

“Diving Galapagos was my dream when I began diving. It is greater than what I thought. Thank You for your Support!”

Harald and Dagmer – July 3-10, 2011

 “These were 7 wonderful days we have had on board of the Galapagos Sky!” It was the best diving we have ever had! Thank you so much for this amazing diving tour. The crew is very professional. The security and service on board was perfect! A very large compliment to the cook for his assistance. The dive guides Glenda and Edwin were  the best we have ever had. Sincerely Harald and Dagmer “

Jean & Simon Cheadble

“Fantastic Trip! The service onboard was by far the best we have had on a Liveaboard. the crew were very professional, diving was INCREDIBLE! This has made our Honeymoon VERY SPECIAL & TRULY UNFORGETTABLE! Thank you to everyone on board!”

Sae Hwan Kim – June 19-26 2011

1-268206_211753185536833_100001064589174_639101_5811245_a “Not only have I traveled all over the world for diving, staying on many live-aboard trips, but I was here in Galapagos in 2007 on a different boat. By far, Galapagos Sky is the most memorable trip with the best service, cabins, crew, captain and dive guides. The dive masters are very knowledgeable about the sites. They know what divers want to see. I would like to personally thank them.”

Ling Ling Chan

2-264561_211753538870131_100001064589174_639107_7157326_a “This dive trip aboard Galapagos Sky was absolutely wonderful. I really enjoyed the hospitality of the crew, guides, and captain. They were so friendly and kind and the food was great. The schools of hammer head sharks, whale shark, and silky sharks were an amazing experience in my life.”

Helen Wong, Hong Kong – June 12-19 2011

3-260248_211762805535871_100001064589174_639192_1005022_a “I had a great dive experience ever in the Galapagos!Especially witht the professional DM’s Santiago and Natasha, just awesome! Thanks for Everything,”

Fred & Emily, Hong Kong

4-267702_211763555535796_100001064589174_639195_8186743_a “Fantastic Trip!! We saw the Whale Sharks everyday, also the hammerheads, eagle rays and marble rays!!! We saw everything we hoped to see in the Galapagos. THANK YOU!”

Kirk Leader – May 15-22

“Just wanted to say a huge thanks to DivEncounters for an outstanding liveaboard experience. I’ve been back now over two weeks, and still can’t stop thinking about the trip. The Galapagos is a place everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime, if you have any connection with this planet and what it has to offer. The diving was some of the best I’ve ever done, and Wolf & Darwin wholeheartedly deserve their reputation as being world class dive sites. I though nothing could compare to Blue Corner or German Channel in Palau, but the Galapagos has proved me wrong. Whale shark, hammerheads in the hundreds, silky sharks, Galapagos sharks, gangs of reef sharks hiding in caves, mantas, schools of eagle rays, mobula rays, mola mola, tuna, turtles, sea lions, dolphins and even sea horses – all this condensed into 17 dives. Simply amazing. The crew was terrific too, one of the best I’ve ever encountered on a liveaboard. Everyone had a great sense of humor, service was outstanding and safety was always a priority. Our guide Santiago was superb, and his depth of knowledge concerning the flora, fauna and geology of the islands and surrounding waters was encyclopedic in detail. The food was first class, felt like we were dining in a fine restaurant every night. One of the best diving holidays I’ve had to date. In fact, I’ve already booked a return trip for next year. Well done, Galapagos Sky.”

Roberto Daniel, Italy – October 2010

“My wife and me, would like to thank all the people working on Galapagos Sky for the exceptional week we had early in October on board! We have dived a lot, and in many places. Actually we were convinced that diving in Wolf and Darwin would have been something new  something  different, something deserving to be remembered. But it was unforeseeable to expect at the end of each day, after 4 daily dives, to realize that each one was better than the one before!  We saw hundreds of hammerheaded sharks, dozens of eagle rays, turtles, jackfishes and much much more, and immediately understood that we were having the best  dives of our life definitely exceeding all our best expectations!  But diving is not enough, and living on board Galapagos Sky as well as visiting the islands was the best way to experience such dives. Being helped, assisted, served  in every single need by a real professional crew, always smiling and making you really feel like in a second home has left a special flavour to the memories of the days spent on board.  Thanks to everybody in Divencounters for the passion and energy you put in every single detail making days spent with you unforgettables!”  Also I would like to extend a special Big Thank to Alexis Viana.
I had the honour to meet and spend high quality time with a real passionate naturalist, not only very well prepared, but able to explain with simple words understandable for everyone linking us without any single boring moment, as well as dive with a “natural guide”. Maybe you could feel I am exaggerating, but believe me when I say, I am simply trying to not exaggerate! When we will visit again Galapagos, it will be with you!

Lee Carter/Scuba Travel, UK

“Diving at Darwin’s Arch is the best diving I have ever experienced, whale sharks, hammerheads, Galapagos sharks & more, the boat & all the crew have been fantastic & I can honestly say this is the greatest diving I have ever encountered. Thank you all, Lee

Patricia Lopez/Ultima Frontera, Spain

“muchas gracias por todo fue un viaje inolvidable. Gracias a DivEncounters y Ecoventura por una perfecta organizacion, a Peter por su compania y a toda la tripulacion por su ayuda. Espero que sigamos teniendo una prospera relacion comercial en el futuro.

Muchas gracias de nuevo,” Patricia

Irina Badikova/Safari Tour Travel Co., Russia

“Many thanks for a great diving! I appreciate the high level of every service on board and I will recommend this boat for our clients.”

Stephane Griveau/Abyss, Switzerland

“It would be an honor appear in pictures used for promoting the DivEncounters company. Thank you so much for that amazing week in the Galapagos. Everything was perfect from the beginning to the end! After 18 years working in diving holidays business, this live-aboard was one of the best I have ever done. With kind regards, Stephane.”

Wally Peterson/Squba Holidays, Canada

“Having been on Wind Dancer in 1999 & 2000 trip this is what I expect the quality & service would be. The diving was better than I was lead to expect from customers who dove on the Aggressor.”

Ryan Dandy/World of Diving

“Like Darwin’s finches in their environment, the M/V Galapagos Sky has evolved into a premier luxury live-aboard. Each one of the eleven crew members is highly professional and make the best crew to diver ratio in the Galapagos. With exceptional meals, premium beverages, knowledgeable dive master/naturalists and free Nitrox the M/V Galapagos Sky is the Natural Selection for an unforgettable experience.