July 2013 “FUN-tastic” Guest Review!

DivEncounters Galapagos Sky

The following is presented to you from a recent guest who you will see has a great zest for life! She really puts the “FUN” in “Fun-tastic Dive Adventure”!!!! Please note that the following text is Gwen’s and their is a bit of “off color language” in the video. That is our Parental Warning LOL!!!!!!!!!! We are all adults! Enjoy and see why topside camaraderie adds just as much to your dive holiday as the underwater encounters…

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“I am the MOST fortunate and lucky person in the world to have experienced Galapagos in the summer of 2013. I have traveled a lot, and dove a bit, but NOTHING and I mean NOTHING compares to the ethereal sensation of seeing hundreds of hammerheads blocking out the sunlight and filling my vision with awe and wonder. As I try my best to process the physical and visual stimulation all around me, in the most casual manner, the biggest fish in the world glides out of the blue unfazed, and unfettered by the bullshit that fills the world, to overwhelm my senses and make a grown ass woman cry. I can’t describe all this in words, it’s an impossible task.


So I made this iMovie to bring you a step closer to the sensation of being in the deep blue and experiencing our planet in this profound way. PLEASE sit some where quiet, relaxing, and have about 30 minutes to devote your senses to this. And sorry about the quality, Youtube max upload is 1 GB, and HD 720 too big, never mind the 1080.
I have put a lot of my HEART into this. I am quite new to underwater photography and videography. I have sliced together a few footages taken by others. Thank you Simon, Gus, Roy and Santiago! About 95% of this was shot/filmed w a Canon G15 with Fantansea housing and Sea and Sea strobe. The rest were done w a Canon S95 and Black GoPro.


There was some attempt to fill it w quirky humour only those who were there will understand. And if you know me personally, you know how I feel about Stephen Hawking and his computer synthesized British sense of humour. It is meant to be an expression of my beliefs and only too appropriate for the geological/evolutionary trajectory of the Galapagos, so please don’t take offense. You are welcome to express your beliefs in any mediums you desire, just NOT the comment pages of this video!


The richest lil Asian bitch in the world!!!




PS. The biggest fish in the world is called Whale Shark, scientific binomial name Rhincodon typus. They are filter feeders relying mostly on plankton.


PSS. The hammerheads you see are all scalloped hammers, other types are uncommon in the Galapagos. BTW there has been a total of 30 hammerhead shark attacks on humans since eternity, and none were fatal. I never once felt threatened, only ashamed that I represent a species that routinely commits mass “genocides” on the sharks ONLY for the tasteless fins. Yes CHINESE people out there, we should be especially ashamed.”