New Airport Tax in Quito effective upon Airport opening!

Quito Airport to
increase airport tax on February 20th!

Please be advise and note that the new airport opens on Feb 20,2013, not only
will travel time and transfer expense increase, but the airport tax will
increase as well (this is for flights from Quito only):  $8.17 for round
trip domestic flights (these taxes are incorporated into the domestic flight rate linted in our website) and $15.86 for round trip international flights.
Passengers who have already paid and issued tickets will be required to pay the
difference in cash at the airport. All new invoices and those not paid in full
will incur the additional cost in the airfare. We highly recommend passengers
travel via GYE for short stays to avoid the hassle and expense- at least until
the highways are finished and hotels closer to the airport open – which is
expected to take at least one year.