New Transit Control card (TCT) procedure effective immediately

Starting Sunday, July 28th, passengers traveling to Galapagos are required to be fingerprinted at the airport in Galapagos as part of the process to obtain a transit control card or TCT.

For passengers who have prepaid DivEncounters/Galapagos Sky the $10 TCT fee:

DivEncounters/Galapagos Sky will register you with the Consejo de Gobierno del Regimen Especial de Galapagos and pay the fee.

The TCT receipt will be given to you at the airport in GYE or UIO by our representative when you check in for the flight at the Aerogal counter on Sunday morning.  We encourage all our passengers to pre-pay, however, only those traveling on Sunday (our day of operation) to Galapagos can prepay the TCT.   It is important to note DO NOT stand in the long line which is for those who have not prepaid the TCT

For passengers who have not prepaid DivEncounters/Galapagos Sky the $10 TCT fee

Passengers who do not prepay the fee, will need to register themselves prior to arrival at the web site of Consejo de Gobierno del Reigimen Especial de Galapagoshttp:// It is also recommended you arrive to the airport in UIO or GYE airport 2-3 hour prior to departure as the lines to pay the TCT at the airports are currently long.