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Current Issue:  1 Week Open – Early 2015  It is pretty rare that an entire week becomes available on M/V Galapagos Sky, but a change in our Dry Dock schedule did open a full week. SEE THE SPECIAL – ONE WEEK ONLY – February 22 – March 1, 2015 – SAVE.  (October_Special_2014)

Hurricane Odile HELP/Baja & Galapagos Diving Tips: Part 2  Hurricane Odile slammed into the Los Cabos area – the home of DivEncounters founding partner, the Solmar V.  While all is fine with the live-aboard, the area needs our help. See how you can contribute fresh water filters.  We also conclude our series on Galapagos Diving Tips. (August_September_2014)

Galapagos Diving Tips:  Part 1  Last issue we asked divers to share their best tips on diving the unique conditions found in Galapagos.  From Kevlar Gloves to Dynamic Back Rolls – the answers are awesome. If you’re planning on going to the Galapagos Islands to dive, you must read this.   (May_June_2014)

What’s Your Best Tip On Galapagos Diving?  Galapagos diving conditions can be as challenging (current, surge, temperature changes) as it is spectacular. We invite our readers (and you) to share their best tips on diving the Galapagos Islands, getting great video and photos, and more.  (March_April_2014)

Please Update Your Contact Info at M/V Galapagos Sky & The DivEncounters Alliance!  We have expanded our staff and welcome two new people, Al Henry (M/V Galapagos Sky) and Amy Lesh (The DivEncounters Alliance) to our team. They both bring a wealth of diving, travel, conservation, and live-aboard experience/expertise with them.  (March 2014 SkyMail)

Why Are The Galapagos Islands So Unique?  A fascinating combination of remote location, multiple oceanic currents, and conservation/preservation combine to make the Galapagos Islands one of the most unique destinations on earth – above and below water.  (January 2014 SkyMail)

Archive (2010 – 2013)

Manta Protection NEEDED!!!! This month’s SkyMail provides details for a SPECIAL Manta Charter in January 2012 led by Manta GURU Gui…

August 2012 Skymail


Have you seen the SHADOW of a Whale Shark???? Learn more here…

July 2012 Skymail


Sharks on the Rebound!!!! And M/V Galapagos Sky in the NEWS!!!

June 2012 Skymail


Spotlight on our new dive site “Roca Blanca”, Soft corals, Mantas and up to 6 species of sharks in the area!!!! Don’t miss great information on the DivEncounters Alliance!

March 2012 Skymail


New 2012  M/V Galapagos Sky itinerary approved! Read Peter’s trip report and watch some GREAT videos of his “Exceptional Underwater Adventures!!!”

February 2012 Skymail


Enjoy a Magical Macro slideshow from M/V Galapagos Sky…You can also learn a few tricks to capturing these little critters…

January 2012 Skymail


Season’s Greetings and 2012 Scubapro Demo week scheduled!!!

December 2011 Skymail


Is there more to Galapagos than Mr. Big???? Check it out!!!! You might be surprised at all the color and critters GALORE…

November 2011 Skymail


Navigating Galapagos Currents…Tips on diving in currents and surge!

October 2011 Skymail


Mantas Mantas Mantas…You want them, we got them!!!! Find out when is the best time to marvel at the Manta’s and other Rays in Galapagos…

September 2011 Skymail


Orcas off the port bow???? Read about “Outstanding” Orca encounters that have been enjoyed by our guests and also a BBC Marine Conservation video shot aboard the M/V Galapagos Sky…

August 2011 Skymail


Peter LOVES Galapagos in May…Find out why here….

June 2011 Skymail


Learn about changes in Galapagos National Park Guidelines and drydock updates!

April 2011 Skymail


Introducing the DivEncounters Alliance! Earn discounts, free upgrades, onboard credits and more, just for diving the most awesome places on the Planet!!!!

March 2011 Skymail


Join us in Celebrating 10 years of Galapagos Diving Adventure!

February 2011 Skymail