A Note From Peter A. Hughes, President DivEncounters Inc.

Peter Hughes DivencountersThank you for visiting the www.divencounters.com Blog. My name is Peter A. Hughes, and DivEncounters is our new live-aboard diving company. We’re launching our website on June 14th – and this blog will be an important tool to update live-aboard divers on “what’s happening” in the Galapagos Islands. I’m actually on my way to Wolf and Darwin on board the newly named M/V Galapagos Sky (formerly the M/V Sky Dancer) and will spend a total of two weeks on the yacht. What should you look for in our blog? Diving news straight from Galapagos – every week or so. We run into so many incredible and unusual encounters in the Galapagos that it’s hard to share them with everyone on our website. But with a blog – we can post new diving encounters almost immediately – with pictures and video links – so please stay tuned for future blog posts. If

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