Quito’s new “Mariscal Sucre” International Airport is set to open on February 20, 2013 after several delays. The new larger terminal is located outside

of Quito in a town called Tabalea, 20km northeast of Quito, which means travel time and transfer costs will increase. Hotels in Quito will no longer be providing complimentary airport shuttle service. For passengers who have booked Hotel Le Parc or Hotel Mercure through DivEncounters, you will need to make other arrangements for transportation from the hotel to the airport.

Passengers who book private airport transfers, the rate will increase to: $151 for 1 pax, $86 per person for 2 pax, $60 per person for 3 pax, $48 per person for 4 pax, $46 per person for 5-9 pax each way. Taxi service will cost approximately $40.00 each way. Due to the new airport’s location farther away from Quito’s central hotels, travel time to the airport will range from 45 minutes or more in rush hour. DivEncounters does not include airport transfers for passengers for the flights to Galapagos. We recommend all passengers traveling to Galapagos, and who require only one night stay before or after the cruise, consider flying into Guayaquil (GYE) as a more convenient alternative than Quito – at least until the highways are finished and hotels closer to the airport open – which is expected to take at least one year.