April, 2011: Sky to Shipyard

As beautiful and well kept as the M/V Galapagos Sky is, she too from time to time requires more detailed maintenance then can be done during regular cruising periods.

The following series of images shows the extensive efforts required to bring a boat out of the water and into the shipyard.  


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On April 04, 2011 the M/V Galapagos Sky was prepared and then successfully maneuvered to enter the dry dock on the banks of the Guayaquil River for routine maintenance. During the Drydock Session it is also required by the Maritime Authority of Ecuador to be evaluated and pass comprehensive and all-encompassing safety inspections. Dry docking a boat anywhere is not a task to be taken lightly

and requires precision handling and careful attention for successful removal from the water. The following are a few of the many steps required:

  • Alignment of the vessel on the carriage.
  • The placement of “blocks” that balance & secure the vessel on the carriage
  • Ensuring all lines are precisely placed in order to slowly but surely assist as the boat leaves the water.
  • Progress must be monitored every step of the way, as the vessel slowly emerges from the balance & security of the water.
  • Once the vessel is secured on the dock it is then that the maintenance work starts in earnest.
Stay tuned as the Galapagos Sky team continues to post updates as the work continues…