Rental Gear

It is highly recommended that divers bring their own gear. Advanced diving conditions that are common in Galapagos truly call for divers to be in their own, known and proper fitting gear. If a diver must rent gear, please understand that sizes, selection and quantities are extremely limited. Guests should note items to be rented and specific size(s) on the Application.

All Fees for rental gear are paid directly on Galapagos Sky on the last day of the cruise. USD, Cash, and Visa/MasterCard are accepted on board for payment.

*Not available for rent or purchase: Cameras, Gloves, Hoods, Thermal Vests, Torches/ Underwater Lights, Knives, Steel Tanks, or Pony Bottles. Download a PDF here.

Gear Availability

Rental Wetsuits are all standard, full-length 7mm. We carry very limited quantities of Mens and Ladies Small, Medium, Large, and X-Large, and Men’s XXL only. We do not carry specialty sizes such as Short or Tall. Divers must bring their own gloves, hood/hooded vest, layering garments for added thermal protection.

Rental BCDs are not weight integrated. Weight belts must be used with rental BCD’s. Fins are open-heel, adjustable Seawing Nova fins. Size Small through XL only. Rental regulator set-ups come with: First stage (yoke), Primary second stage regulator, Secondary second stage regulator (octopus or an alternate air source), Low pressure inflator hose (standard connector), submersible pressure gauge (SPG) and depth gauge (analog).

Rental Gear Pricing

Full Gear Rental Package

$250 per Week

  • BCD
  • Regulator/ Gauge Set
  • 7mm Wetsuit
  • Mask
  • Snorkel
  • Fins
  • Booties
  • (Computer not included)

Ala Carte Rental Items

Cost per Week

  • BCD $80
  • Computer $75
  • Regulator/ Gauge $80
  • 7mm Wetsuit $45
  • Mask/ Snorkel $25
  • Fins/ Booties $25 per charter
  • 100 cu ft/ 15 ltr tank upgrade $60

Private Guide Service

For divers who wish to have a Private Dive Guide, an extra guide can be made available for $1,920 per week. Private Dive Guide services must be made well in advance and are contingent to Guide Dive availability. The fee is added to the reservations invoice and payment is made in advance.