Here you will find our frequently asked questions and answers. If you still cannot find what you’re looking for, please contact us.

The use of sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone, octinoxate, and others harmful to marine ecosystems is regulated and restricted to sustain and protect the coral reefs.

1 Visitors to any protected areas within the Galapagos National Park must be accompanied by a naturalist guide authorized by the GNPD.

2 Travel only with tour operators and/or boats authorized to work in the protected areas of Galapagos.

3 Remain on marked trails at visitor sites and respect signs at all times for the protection of wildlife, and for your safety.

4 Maintain a distance of at least six feet (two meters) from wildlife to avoid disturbing them, even if they approach you.

5 Never feed wildlife, as this can cause health problems.

6 Flash photography is not permitted when taking photos of wildlife. Professional photography and videos recorded for commercial purposes must be authorized by the GNPD.

7 Camping is only allowed in a few authorized areas in the Islands. Request authorization to camp at the Galapagos National Park’s offices at least 48 hours in advance.

8 It is your responsibility not to introduce food, animals, or plants into the Archipelago. Cooperate fully with all environmental inspection and quarantine officials during your visit.

9 Do not take or buy any products or souvenirs made from banned substances, including black coral, shells, lava rock, animal parts, or any native wood or vegetation prior to leaving Galapagos. This is illegal and must be reported.

10 Practice “leave-no-trace” principals in order to maintain the beauty of the environment.

11 Pack out all trash and dispose of or recycle it in the populated areas or on your tour boat.

12 Smoking and/or campfires are strictly prohibited within the Galapagos National Park, as fires poses a serious risk to the flora and fauna of Galapagos.

13 Fishing is only permitted on recreational tour boats authorized by the GNPD.

14 Motorized aquatic sports, mini-subs, and aerial tourism activities are not permitted in the Galapagos National Park or Marine Reserve.

15 Visiting hours to areas of the Galapagos National Park are as established in the Management Plan, from 6:00 to 18:00, with diving activities ending at 17:00, excluding permitted night diving.

16 The use of sound players such as radios, cellphones, speakers is only allowed through headphones.

17 The use of sunscreen containing the chemicals oxybenzone, octinoxate, and others harmful to marine ecosystems is regulated and restricted to sustain and protect the coral reefs.


Drone Use Prohibited 

The use of drones is strictly prohibited in the Galapagos Islands without a permit from the Galapagos National Park.  Please note that if a guest brings a drone on board Galapagos Sky without a proper permit, they will not be allowed to use it.  

We are unable to assist with obtaining drone permits.

Wine, beer, liquor, spirits, coffee, tea, water, juice, sodas are included in your cruise rate.  Galápagos Sky does have a full bar. Premium wines and liquors available for purchase.  Your first drink of the day marks your last dive of the day. Your bar tab for premium wines and liquors will be kept and payment is made on the final day of the cruise.  Filtered water is available to fill reusable water bottles, we encourage guests to bring their favorite reusable bottle.

Espresso, Americano and cappuccino coffees are available and included.  We use ground Ecuadorian coffee that is brewed and available in the dining area throughout the day. If a guest requests on their Application or in advance, we can have almond milk, soy milk, coconut milk or Coffee Mate available.

We have iced tea (lemon and peach), hot fruit and herbal teas on the yacht (Black, Green, Chamomile, Mint, Red Berries, Prince of Wales, Earl Grey, English breakfast)

All these services are available throughout the day. 

As a wonderful service, we can arrange the domestic flights from Ecuador to San Cristobal.  For guests who fly to San Cristobal on their departure day (Sunday) on Avianca flight 1630, we prearrange your Park and TCT fees.  ** If guests arrive on another day or flight, we are unable to assist with TCT and Park fees.  We will remove the fees from the invoice and send instructions on how to meet the crew/boat on the day of embarkation.  All divers/guests must be on board by 11:00am on the day of departure.

Current flight rates on Avianca from Quito UIO or Guayaquil GYE, Ecuador to San Cristobal SCY

September 01 – June 30

Guayaquil/San Cristobal/Guayaquil $445 USD

Guayaquil/San Cristobal//Quito $469 USD

Quito/San Cristobal/Quito $500 USD

Quito/San Cristobal/Guayaquil $476 USD

July 01 – August 31

Guayaquil/San Cristobal/Guayaquil $490 USD

Guayaquil/San Cristobal//Quito $518 USD

Quito/San Cristobal/Quito $553 USD

Quito/San Cristobal/Guayaquil $525 USD


Quito to San Cristobal AV1630 UIO/SCY DEP 08H08 ARR 10H37

Guayaquil to San Cristobal AV1630 GYE/SCY DEP 09H49 ARR 10H37

San Cristobal to Guayaquil AV1631 SCY/GYE DEP 11H35 ARR 14H26

San Cristobal to Quito AV1631 SCY/UIO DEP 11H35 ARR 16H03

Baggage Allowance

Booking flights through our business arrangement with Avianca allows Galapagos Sky to make any possible changes to the flights on your behalf.

  • Flights can also be arranged to or from Baltra/GPS airport as well. Add $30 USD per person to the rates above for flights departing from Baltra/GPS.
  • When requesting flights please provide name as it appears on Passport, dates of travel and the specific routing (airports).
  • Avianca Airlines have launched a small menu that includes snacks and drinks that can be purchased  for an additional amount (December 2022).

We can assist with hotels in Quito, Guayaquil, and San Cristobal as well.

Nitrox/Enriched Air Certification by a recognized certification/training agency is required to dive with Nitrox on board Galápagos Sky.  Without proof of Nitrox certification, divers will be provided with air fills.  Without Nitrox certification, all dives cannot be completed on Days 3, 4 & 5 at Wolf & Darwin due to recreational Non-Decompression Limits.  Nitrox classes are not offered on board.  Our membrane system generally produces 32%.  Certified Nitrox divers must analyze and log Nitrox mixes and MODs prior to each dive.  Nitrox Analyzers are provided on board. 

✅ Nitrox Certification Cards must be presented to Dive Guides at check-in on board.  

Divers without Nitrox Certification will be required to hire a Private Dive Guide.

Our most popular question! Truly, Galapagos offers phenomenal year-round diving.  The Galapagos Sky offers liveaboard cruising all twelve months of the year and visits the unbelievable islands of Wolf and Darwin on every trip. There are two “seasons” for Galapagos diving:

WHALE SHARK SEASON (from June to November)

The water is cooler, 60-75°F, 15-24°C.

MANTA SEASON (December through May)

The water is warmer, clearer 68-82°F, 18-28°C

Each diver is required to have Dive Accident insurance. Divers must note the company and policy number on the Application.  The Hyperbaric Chamber donation fee does not cover any medical expenses if needed.  Traditional Health Insurance and Travel Insurance policies do not cover hyperbaric treatment or emergency evacuation caused by the activity of scuba diving.  A Dive Accident policy or rider to a Travel Insurance policy is required.  DAN.og and are common Dive Accident Insurance companies that also offer Travel Insurance.  There are many other Dive Accident and Travel Insurance companies offered around the world.  Best to research what is available in your home country.


English and Spanish are spoken on board Galápagos Sky by Dive Guides and Captains.

110/AC 60 cycle Type B (the same as in North and Central America) with some 220 outlets on the dive deck.  The main lounge area and all cabins have Type B outlets.

Taxi service in the Galapagos islands is very inexpensive.  From the airport or hotels to the Main Municipal dock, the charge will be just s few dollars (USD cash only)  Taxis do not take credit cards.

The US Dollar USD – The country of Ecuador uses the US Dollar.  Many small shops and vendors in Galápagos only take cash.  If credit cards are accepted, there is usually a surcharge.   Personal bank checks and Traveler’s Checks are not accepted on board or in the islands.

Ecuador is in the Eastern Time zone (GMT-5 in the mainland). Daylight savings time is not observed in Ecuador.  Galápagos is one hour behind mainland Ecuador.  On board, we observe mainland Ecuador time.

For divers who wish to have a Private Dive Guide, an extra guide can be made available for $1920 per week.  Private Dive Guide services must be made well in advance and are contingent to Dive Guide availability. 

Divers must have a minimum of 50-100 dives and recent dive experience within 6 months of the departure date. No divers under the age 15. If a diver, agent or trip leader books an under qualified diver or a diver without Nitrox Certification, we can require a Private Dive Guide to be hired at their expense.

Divers with a Private Dive Guide dive with the main group and not separately for logistics and safety reasons.  Separate drops are not permitted.

The fee is added to the reservation invoice and payment is made in advance.

For time out of the water before flying, Divers Alert Network (DAN) and the Undersea Hyperbaric Medical Society (UHMS) offer the following guidelines:

        • A single dive within the no-decompression limits: 12 hours
        • Repetitive dives of multiple days of diving: 18 hours

Our last dive on the itinerary is Saturday morning which allows for a full 24 hours out of the water prior to flights back to Ecuador on Sunday.

Avianca Airlines Baggage Allowance:

1 checked bag 23kg/50pd max

1 carry-on bag 10kg/22pd max + personal article (laptop case, backpack, purse). 

An additional checked bag may be pre-paid through our Reservations Office, the cost is $25 USD per 23kg/50pd bag each way.  If a bag is overweight up to 45k/99pd the cost is an additional $30 USD each way or $60 USD roundtrip.

Additional bag rates at the Avianca check-in counter fluctuate. Please see Avianca’s website for details.

Please note that the flights to and from the Galapagos Islands are on larger planes (AIRBUS A320) with very adequate cargo-holds.  We do not see issues of bags being left behind on the Avianca flights due to planes being overweight like some dive destinations sometimes do.

On the day of disembarkation on San Cristobal, Galapagos Sky is in the harbor at Shipwreck Bay before the sun rises.  After breakfast on board, we typically disembark around 9:00am to visit the Gianni Arismendy Interpretation Center located in Cerro Tijeretas.  While guests are discovering more about the human history of the Galapagos Islands, the crew will take their luggage to the airport.  After visiting the Interpretation Center, the crew will transfer guests to the SCY San Cristobal Airport for flights back to mainland Ecuador. If guests will be staying on San Cristobal, our crew can assist them with getting a taxi to their hotel, although most hotels are within walking distance of the dock area.  If a guest needs to be on shore earlier that morning, our crew can certainly arrange that too.

Wifi On Board NEW

As of August 01, 2023, Galápagos Sky provides free WiFi on board for our guests.  Guests can message, make Whatsapp calls and receive/send e-mails. 

Please download the Whatsapp App before boarding.

Cellular Phone Connection

Cell Phones with International plans will work on San Cristóbal and Santa Cruz. 

Cell phones with WiFi plans will work on San Cristóbal and on Santa Cruz.  

Please check with your cell phone carrier to ensure an International WiFi plan. Guests may also bring their own personal or rented Satellite Phone with or without a WiFi plan which will work from the upstairs sundeck outside.

Please be aware that due to a new regulation of the Ministry of Health of Ecuador, starting May 1, 2018, all passengers are required to present upon arrival in the country, an ID card from their medical insurance proving they have an international health insurance policy with coverage during their stay in the country. Migration personnel will be checking this document.

A valid passport, with at least six months remaining before expiration, is required to enter Ecuador.  It is the passenger’s responsibility to check with local immigration offices or the Ecuadorian Consulate prior to traveling to determine if a visa is necessary.

For friends and family of traveling guests who wish to get an urgent message to a passenger on board the Galápagos Sky, please call our Miami Sales office Monday thru Friday 9am – 5 pm EST, during regular business hours at (305) 262-3483.  If after hours Monday – Friday or on weekends, please email  or and your message will be forwarded to the boat and guest as soon as possible.  

We will provide guests with a Full Cruise Credit (FCC) to reschedule their cruise up to 24 months from their cruise departure if either of the following conditions are met:

COVID-19 specific travel restrictions include the following:

  • Ecuador closes its borders or prevents travelers from entering due to governmental guidelines and restrictions on your country of residence.
  • Your country of residence presents you from departing due to their governmental guidelines and restrictions on the entry to Ecuador.
  • Your country of residence, Ecuador or Galapagos has a mandated quarantine.

We recommend that all travelers purchase a comprehensive travel insurance policy, preferably CFAR, should you need to cancel for any other reason.

Medical illnesses, including COVID-19, that prevent travel are covered by Travel Insurance. Please check your Travel Insurance policy.