Cibele Sanches
Cruise Date : 09-Apr-2017
Home Country: Brazil
7 time guest!
Why coming back 5 times? Galapagos is a wonderful place to see wild life, sharks, turtles, dolphins and many more.  So many different places and special Galapagos Sky crew is amazing. They do everything, not just to help you, but to have you very happy.  Dive Guides are very skilled about Galapagos and dive. They...Read More
Carrie Lenamond
Cruise Date : 26-Aug-2018
Home Country: USA
An amazing week on a beautifully appointed yacht, with a crew that takes care of every detail!! This is absolutely the best way to explore the Galapagos. The guides know the best sites to see everything you want to see in the Galapagos and lots of unexpected surprises!! The food is amazing and the service is...Read More
Marai Kozlowski
Cruise Date : 09-Sep-2018
Home Country: Brazil
It was an amazing experience. The Galapagos Islands have such a powerful nature and marine Life, Its unforgettable. Simply one of the best dives in my life, a very comfortable cruise with a unique, organized and gentle crew. We’ll come back soon for sure.
Carolina Schrappe
Cruise Date : 19-Aug-2018
Home Country: Brazil
2ND TRIP on Galapagos Sky
This is the Best experience I ever had in 18 years of diving! The crew of Galapagos Sky is amazing, they are super helpful. Our underwater Guides are the best, they know everything about the Dive spots, we feel safe, happy.  Thankful about everything! This is the second experience with Galapagos Sky and we love...Read More
Daniel Versteeg and Carolien Rip
Cruise Date : 16-Sep-2018
Home Country: Netherlands
2ND TRIP ON Galapagos Sky!
Diving in the Galapagos is really magical, and the crew of the Galapagos Sky made this trip unforgetible. We love our second trip and we will definetly return to the Galapagos Sky family!!
Suzanne Li
Cruise Date : 12-Aug-2018
Home Country: Canada
The Crew - Everyone helps divers gear up; to remove gears; to clean equipments, wetsuits, etc. Panga drivers are efficient at taking our gears before we climb in panga post-dive. Fantastic crew! Dive Guides are wonderful, knowledgable, helpful. The Food - I am pescatarian.  There is no shortage of fish and seafood.  All meals are...Read More