Nitrox/Enriched Air vs. Air

Nitrox/Enriched Air Certification by a recognized certification/training agency is required to dive with Nitrox on board Galápagos Sky.  Without proof of Nitrox certification, divers will be provided with air fills.  Without Nitrox certification, all dives cannot be completed on Days 3, 4 & 5 at Wolf & Darwin due to recreational Non-Decompression Limits.  Nitrox classes are not offered on board.  Our membrane system generally produces 32%.  Certified Nitrox divers must analyze and log Nitrox mixes and MODs prior to each dive.  Nitrox Analyzers are provided on board. 

✅ Nitrox Certification Cards must be presented to Dive Guides at check-in on board.  

Divers without Nitrox Certification will be required to hire a Private Dive Guide.