Seaweed Divers, Indiana

To the crew of Galapagos Sky, Visiting Galapagos was an experience of a lifetime for us all. The beautify of the islands is the best. Only one thing better was the care , service and friendship from all of you. May you always have calm winds, smooth seas and little current.  Stay safe mi amigos.

The Captain and crew of Galapagos Sky were amazing!  The took care of our every need and even anticipated things we needed before we needed them.  I have never been on any trip where the crew worked as a team so well!  When it was time to dive, all crew members came out to make sure everyone was dressed and safely aboard the pangas. The crew had an amazing energy level and seemed like they also really enjoy and take pride in their work!  We will be back to Galapagos and on Galapagos Sky!  JR Sparks and Tina Conrad, Seaweed Diver, Inc.