Turning the Tide on Waste: Ecoventura’s Recycling Milestone in the Galapagos Islands

Deeply rooted in the ethos of conservation in the Galapagos, Ecoventura, a company at the forefront of sustainable tourism and the proud owner of the Galapagos Sky, celebrates this Global Recycle Day with the anniversary of their latest initiative in partnership with Avianca Airlines.

A Partnership for the Planet

Ecoventura has introduced two state-of-the-art recycling machines at its San Cristobal warehouse, marking a significant advancement in waste management practices in the islands. One machine compactly processes plastic, cardboard, and paper, making transportation more efficient, while the other transforms glass into a fine, reusable powder. This initiative not only facilitates recycling but also ensures that these materials find new life, thereby embodying the essence of true sustainability.

To minimize environmental impact, the recycled materials are transported to mainland Ecuador via Avianca’s regular commercial flights, a strategy that cleverly avoids extra CO2 emissions. Moreover, Avianca has optimized its A320 fleet for the San Cristobal-mainland routes, reducing the carbon footprint per passenger by an impressive 13%.

A Vision Realized

The vision of leaving no waste in the Galapagos is now a tangible reality, a stark contrast to the annual disposal of approximately nine tons of waste in the past. The inauguration of the Recycling Facility in September, attended by dignitaries such as Niels Olsen and Gustavo Manrique, Ministers of Tourism and the Environment, respectively, underscores the collective commitment to environmental preservation. Ecoventura’s CEO, Santiago Dunn, alongside other prominent figures, heralded this new chapter in sustainable tourism.

A Call to Action

Ecoventura’s initiative is more than a milestone; it’s a call to action for businesses and individuals alike to embrace sustainable practices, especially in regions as ecologically significant as the Galapagos Islands. By prioritizing the environment, we can all contribute to preserving the planet’s natural heritage for future generations.

As we celebrate Global Recycling Day, let’s draw inspiration from Mother Nature and the Galapagos, and remember more than ever, that sustainability more than a choice is everyone’s responsibility.