Paula Brusky

Daniela gave me your email so you could pass on this email to the owners of Ecoventura. I just spent two weeks on your boats and wanted to send a note of thanks. As the owner of a small business I rarely hear the good, so wanted to take the time to tell the owners how truly excellent their company is and how special their employees are.

From the booking perspective, Daniela was extremely quick and answering questions. I had a lot of them and she was very patient and prompt.

When we arrived our hotel and two land tours ( a city tour and chocolate tour) were arranged through you. Both were fantastic. We LOVED our guide for both the tours, we had the same one and she was outstanding. We also loved that the tours were private and at our own pace. This was a fantastic start to our trip.

My first week was on the MV Eric. I took my 70-year old mom on the boat. She had the trip of her life. Everyone was so kind to her and helped her get in and out of the pangas. She did all the activities and LOVED it. The boat was clean and comfy. The food was very good. But it is really your staff that make it amazing. The dining room service was truly excellent. He (whose name escapes me at the moment) was so attentive. Maria was a magic fairy who made beds constantly. I took a nap and she somehow knew and the next time I left the room tidied it. The panga drivers were very friendly. So was the Captain.

But the two that stood out most on this week trip were the naturalists – they were incredible. After every activity I was like “that guide is my favorite” then on the next activity I’d have the other and think the same thing. They were both truly spectacular.

Malena was so knowledgeable. She was so patient with questions and had a ton of relevant information. It was so obvious that she loved her country and was excited to share it.

Fabrizio is my Ecuadorian father now. He is the kindest man. So caring and thoughtful. I LOVED how he talked about his country. He knew so much. And had so many amazing stories. He also took extra time with me to tell me things about my upcoming Sky trip, which was most appreciated. When I saw him a week after sailing he remembered my name and checked in with how my week went. He is a phenomenal ambassador for your company.

After disembarking the MV Eric I didn’t know what to prepare for when going to MV Sky. I had just had an incredible week and shipped my mom home, now was “me” time and I was honestly expecting to be let down since the past week was so amazing. Wow. I have no words for the week on the Sky. That was a trip of a lifetime and then some.

First, the boat is lovely, spacious and well cared for. Second, the dive deck is spacious and very smartly laid out. How they split the divers into groups and have sides of the deck is brilliant and efficient. Third, the diving was AMAZING. But the biggest thing that made the trip amazing was your staff. The team I had on the Sky made for the most incredible experience. Because the WHOLE crew helps on the dive deck you get to know all 11 members. I’d like to take a moment to tell you about each of them so you know how lucky your guests are.

Captain Edwin leads by example. He was always happy to answer my questions (I have a lot of them) about sea life and his experiences. He was friendly. But what really impressed me is that times he would be on the dive deck lugging tanks and making sure air was on. The Captain showed through his actions how important the team is on the Sky.

First Mate Christian loves that boat. It is so obvious in how detailed he is in cleaning it and taking care of it. With the boobies circling he and David had a massive job and they were so incredible at keeping the boat looking beautiful. Christian also was extremely friendly and personable. I loved speaking with him and learning about his culture. He also translated for me to the crew members who didn’t speak English since I have zero Spanish and I loved speaking with them and learning about their experiences which wouldn’t have been possible without his translator role. He’s a major asset to your organization.

Second Mate David worked alongside Christian and did an amazing job keeping the boat clean. I didn’t speak with him as often but he was always so friendly on the dive deck and helpful. He also would turn the panga for good pictures moments, Christian did too, so both are great with us tourists and our need for photos.

Engineer and Electrician – both on the dive deck. both super helpful. Electrician always had a BIG smile on his face. Lugging all our crap has to not be fun but they always made it seem like it was.

Cook and Ivan – Had a horrible job on my trip with 6 vegetarians and one very picky Vegan. The food I ate was increible, as on the MV Eric. I was very impressed with the choices and effort made for the difficult people. There were two people (a couple) on the boat that were vegetarians and I know they were negative in their comments; but their lying. At meals when I spoke with them they were happy with the food choices, they are just the type of people who like to complain. The chef and crew did awesome at accommodating going way above what was required.

Steward Marcos makes a lovely margarita. He always served with a smile and made meal time relaxing. LOVED his hot treats on the dive deck and the cup of water before leaving to dive was so appreciated.

Cabin boy Jose has spoiled me completely. I don’t think I can put on my wetsuit by myself anymore. He did a nice job with the cabins buts really shinned on the dive deck being so helpful. By the third day he knew which wetsuit was mine and had it turned the right way and ready for me before I even arrived on deck.

I’ve been on a lot of liveaboards and it is worth noting how respectful your crew is. As a single girl traveling alone I never felt leered at or uncomfortable when walking around in my suit. The men on your crew were so kind, respectful and professional. I really appreciated how I was treated.

Dive guide Natasha is an absolute sweetheart. She was so knowledgeable. Her dive briefings were great. I loved the computer powerpoints to get across information and felt really prepared for dives. Under the water she pointed out stuff and did a great job setting pace and making sure we had an amazing time. She is a big asset to your company.

Dive guide Geoff loves Galapagos waters and makes you excited to see them but properly scared of them. His diving briefings on saftey I really appreciated. He was clear on what to expect from conditioning and made me feel safe but also alert. He knows his stuff, as a naturalist as well as dive guide I LOVED learning from him. He is a big asset to your company.

Your crew is the best I’ve ever come across. When I asked them about how they liked the company they were all insanely complementary to the owners and very loyal. When I asked about incidents or emergencies on board all toed what I assumed was the company line and said nothing and evaded like champions (my business is also dangerous and my staff have been trained on how to answer such questions so I have to assume you’ve done the same). It is obvious that the crews on your boats take pride in what they do and you have really wonderful people working for you.

On a side note: I LOVED learning about your high school program for local students. I’m so glad that my tourist dollars went to a company that gives so much back to the community.

At the end of our trip I was talking with a number of the guests and we were all laughing at how we couldn’t find fault with anything. That the Sky is truly a magical place with the most amazing crew.

Thank you for an amazing two weeks. Your team is truly outstanding.

Sincerely, Paula