New Bulbous Bow to Reduce Use of Fossil Fuels

During its recent dry dock period, M/V Galapagos Sky underwent the structural addition of a new bulbous bow.  This bulb on the bow of the vessel modifies the way water flows around the hull, reducing drag, increasing speed, fuel efficiency and pitch control.  For our guests, this will mean shorter navigation times when traveling between islands and a more stable, comfortable ride while underway.  The fuel efficiency aspect keeps in line with the company’s commitment to conservation and with the Ecuadorian vision to reduce the use of fossil fuels in the Galapagos Islands.  A bulbous bulb works best on vessels longer than 49 feet at the waterline.  It can improve the performance of the vessel which will be to the advantage our guests as M/V Galapagos Sky makes the longer transits to and from Wolf and Darwin Islands.  We look forward to this new addition as we start out the first trips of 2015!