What can you expect to see in Galapagos from December to May????

While Galapagos diving is WONDERFUL all year around we do get questions on what is common from one season to the next! We will soon be adding some new galleries on our website and facebook page for you to enjoy! These galleries will include  not only year around sightings but also seasonal sightings. We thought you might enjoy a sneak peak of some of the “exceptional underwater adventures” you can enjoy while diving in the Galapagos during the December to May time frame!


Hammerheads Diving Galapagos Islands


As you might already know, Galapagos liveaboards like the M/V Galapagos Sky will provide you some of the best Galapagos diving in some of the most remote areas allowing for unique and high octane face to face meetings with anything from sharks (many species) to small and clever macro subjects! During the December thru May season one of the spotlight encounters are rays…Many rays and many kinds of rays including Mantas!!!


Manta birostris horizontal digital capture- 60MB high res TIFF available for download


During your Galapagos diving cruise you may also be surprised to enjoy some schools of tropical fish. Are you aware that 3 currents provide large amounts of nutrients and different current temperatures which supply a variety of fish and pelagics a healthy and prosperous playground?


mixed species fish aggregation photo, King Angelfish- Holacanthus passer- and Yellowtailed Surgeonfish- Prionurus laticlavius. Horizontal wide angle underwater image


While enjoying these schools of fish, keep your eyes and lenses focused as you never know when a Hammerhead might “photo-bomb” your intended sea-scape. Do you see him?


Galapagos underwater scene, Prionurus laticlavius shoaling shot, one Sphyrna lewini in background,


Not only are there exciting fish encounters to enjoy, but there is also beautiful and extremely healthy corals to have your buddy model with. “insert diver here!”


Antipathes galapagoensis and Mopsella, encrusting invertebrates, Vertical stock hires underwater photograph


rich invertebrate growth, Galapagos Islands marine life, Antipathes galapagoensis vertical photograph


Along with the MILLIONS of Selemas you can find yourself surrounded by….


Xenocys jessiae shoal, colorful rocky reef wall, strong library of Galapagos undersea life


…Keep your eyes darting around for the strange looking Mola Mola and Red lipped Batfish!


Mola mola underwater photograph, hires digital picture taken at Punta Vicente Roca


Red Lipped Batfish, Ogcocephalus darwini, underwater digital photograph


For those Shark seekers you will be happy to know that all year around you can enjoy Hammerheads, Silky, Galapagos and even the Galapagos Bullhead Shark…


Sphyrna lewini schooling photograph, made by pro photographer Brandon Cole on assignment in the Galapagos Islands


Carcharhinus falciformis identification photograph, horizontal format, hires with copy space


Carcharhinus galapagensis ID photograph, high resolution, high quality stock picture


Zalophus wollebaeki and Heterodontus quoyi interacting, horizontal underwater digital photo, hires format, affordable licensing fees


Did we forget to mention the Dolphins and Sea Lions!!!!


Tursiops truncatus, herd of oceanic bottlenose, horizontal underwater hires stock still image


five juvenile Zalophus wollebaeki sealions, underwater photo made with professional digital camera


We hope you enjoyed this sneak peak of new images and hope you check back regularly to see the new image galleries we add! We also wish to send out a big Thank You to our good friend Brandon Cole for supplying these beautiful images from his cruise with us earlier this year!

As always, Keep an Ocean Mind!